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    Otter Plush

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    Otter Plush

    Otters are my favorite animals to see in the aquarium. They are smart, cute and super photogenic! Like, have you ever seen an ugly photo of an otter? I sure haven't. And ugly is just not a word you can use to describe theĀ Otter Plush.Ā Filled with Premium PP cotton made from high quality plush, this plushie is easy to clean and makes for a great pillow.


    Pick Your Color

    The Otter Plush comes in many colors. Pick the one you find to cutest and want to bring home! Our Plushies are also non-allergic so you can really have the most relaxing and cuddly experience



    • Filled with 100% Premium PP Cotton
    • Helps you sleep better
    • Soft Materials
    • Allergy free and asthma Friendly

    Ā 81011Ā Ā 


    • Ā  Material: Soft Cushion Plush + PP Cotton
    • Ā  Size:Ā  15"/40cm, 23"/60cm, 31"/80cm.
    Otter Plush

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    Washing your plushie:

    ā€¢ Use a gentle cycle on the washing machine, use cold water with some mild detergent.

    ā€¢ Air-Dry the plushie, If the plushie appears matted after its bath, using a hair dryer on low or medium heat can help restore a furry friendā€™s fluffiness.

    āžœ Please do your own research and find what method works best for you

    Click HERE to learn more tips on how to clean your plushies

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