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    The cover is made of high-quality Soft Plush - 100% Polyester. The insert is filled with Polyester PP Cotton Fiber

    We recommend laundering every 4 months, even if it looks clean. If you have allergies, every 2 months or as often as needed.

    Wash the cover by itself or with other similar fabrics: Pilling occurs whent the fabric rubs against other fabrics (with more abrasive fibers). Wash on a gentle cycle or, even better, hand wash. No machine dry.

    A member of the Chubby Plushie Squad has found the best luck with the following: put your Plushie in a pillowcase and tie it closed.

    Wash and dry your Plushie in the pillowcase and they will come out fluffy and good as new.

    Plushies are shipped compressed in order to reduce shipping costs so your plushies may come wrinkled and with creases when you unpackage them.

    Don't worry! Those wrinkles do go away with time. What you can do is play around with it for a bit, let the air inflate the plushies again.

    If they don't go away what you can do is put it in a washing machine in a pillowcase on low, then put it in the dry on low tumble.

    supportUnpacking & Order Receiving

    Most our plushies are packed with the vacuum method. This allows us to achieve the desired package size for optimal delivery. Once you receive your order, carefully unpack it and allow a few days for the plushie to return to its natural size. You can speed up the process by fluffing the filling

    All plushies are packed in a vacuum plastic package and an additional delivery plastic package. When unpacking, we recommend using scissors and not a paper cutter or an office knife

    Please remove packages by layer for the optimal result and do not try to remove them all at once.

    When removing the vacuum package,first make a small cute on a side, allowing air to fill the bag. Then, when more space appears inside the bag make a bigger cut and remove the cushion safely.


    At the moment we ship to US and Canada.

    In the future, we ar eplanning to expand to EU markets as well. Stay tuned.

    Please review the full shipping policy here

    We have warehouses in the US, Germany and China. Based on our stock availability, we decide from which warehouse the product will be shipped

    The shipping times varies between the regions:

    US: 5-15 business days

    Canada: 7-16 business days

    Please review the full shipping policy here

    Total delivery time = order processing + shipping.

    Usually, it takes 3-5 days to process an order. You will receive an email notification when your order is dispatched. The Shipping time varies by region but on average takes 7-15 business days.

    Please review the full shipping policy here

    At the moment we only deliver to US and Canada.

    We are planning to introduce EU deliveries during 2022. Stay tuned!

    Please allow 3-5 days for the tracking information to be updated on the logistics side and be displayed. After that, you can track your order directly on the site - Track Your Order

    If you still don't see any tracking information after 3-5 days, please contact us to confirm your order status

    If you are a registered user, you can see all your order details and the tracking number in your account order history

    supportRefund & Returns

    Please raise a claim by contacting us within 30 days of receiving the order.

    Include the following details in your claim:

    • Your order number
    • A receipt or proof of purchase
    • Description of the issue or concern
    • Visual proof if the product is damaged

    After we received and processed your claim we will contact you with a settlement suggestion

    Please review the full refund policy here

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