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    Top 7 Winter Plushies ❄️

    Winter has come! Thankfully, instead of bringing ice zombies Game of Thrones style, it brings an opportunity to get some new plushies to help keep your house and heart warm inside.

    Winter is the season of cold, sweets and quality indoor time with friends and family. To celebrate the occasion, today's article is about the Top 7 Winter Plushies ❄️that best express this holiday season!

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    Number 7: 

    Chonky Cat Lamp

    Did you say this lamp can change COLORS with a tap!?? Sometimes winter can be a bit dark, so how about a lamp to light up the way?

    This cute and chonky little LED kitty will protect you from monsters at night or simply light up your space in any color of your choosing! Available in 3 designs: Closed eyes, Shy or Original

    Number 6: 

    Pudding Shiba Inu Plush

     This Shiba Inu just had too much to eat, all the time! Some people say he is a little fat but we know he is just big boned, and that we cant resist those amazing chocolate puddings.

    Looking for a munching buddie? Pudding Shiba Inu is volunteering!

    Number 5: 

    Artic Penguin Plush


    Want a cool stuffed animal? This Artic Penguin Plush is the coolest (and cutest) plush on the market! Make the coolest place be wherever you bring this kawaii plushie to.

    Conquer the artic with adorableness alone in the form of plushie. 


    Number 4: 

    Sleeping Pig Plush

    Waking up late never felt better! Now, with our Sleeping Pig you will finally never get anything done ever again! Just kidding, it's just that this fat plushie is just so soft and comfortable you will find it hard to let him go!

    Number 3: 

    Bag of Kawaii Chick Pudding Plushies

    Who said treats come alone? Grab a full bag of delicious and cute Kawaii Chick Pudding Plushies.

    Not only does the bag make for a solid pillow, you can open it at any time to savor its contents! 8 sugary Chick Pudding Plushies await you inside for you to display as you wish.


     Number 2: 

    Kawaii Bread Toast Egg Plush

    Ready for a delicious snack? The Kawaii Bread Toast Egg Plush is fresh out of oven and ready to meet you! Add a little cute poached egg on the forehead and its all ready to go! 

    Number 1: 

    Kawaii Chubby Penguin Plush

    Not one, not two, but three! That's how many bananas the Triple Banana Pillow Plush gets you at once. Each with a different facial expression, but all happy to see you, this plush is the ultimate cushion and body pillow!

    Final Thoughts:

    The plushies featured in this article are the best Winter Plushies there are to be found, and they are all available here on Chubby PlushieExplore the items to see if any peak your interest and remember that we have many more collections and plushies for you to explore.



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