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    TOP 6 Best Kawaii Food Plushies🍙

    Let’s get real– plushies are not just for kids. They’re also for adults who are kids at heart!

    However, if you think teddy bears and animal plushies are too mainstream, why not opt for kawaii food plushies for a change? These cute food-inspired stuffed toys are part of the plushie revolution that originated from Japan in the 1970s and became increasingly popular around the world. 

    You might say that food plushies are a bit silly because the real food is way better. Well, be ready to eat your words when you see how cute they are! 
    Whether you’re buying kawaii food plushies as a gift or you’re treating yourself, these carefully hand-picked kawaii items are the best way for anyone to show off and embrace their love for munchies! 

    Number 6: 
    Milkshake Plushie:

    milkshake plush

    These colorful milkshake plushies can brighten anyone's day, These Milkshakes are embroidered with a kawaii face and its fuzzy, soft feel makes for a great nap pillow or to be squished

    Number 5:
    Onigiri Rice Ball Plushie:

    onigiri rice ball plush

    This super adorable Onigiri Rice Ball Plushie is a unique item if you’re a sushi lover or as a gift to someone who’s obsessed with rice balls. It has pretty pink cheeks and features great detail. And oh, just look at that kawaii smile and cheerful eyes.
    You can choose from two different designs depending on what you want to do with it. You can lay on it, hug it, or use it as a body pillow. This Rice Ball plushie is not only perfect as a pillow, but also for decorating your room if you’re going for that kawaii aesthetic.

    Number 4:
    Radish Plushies:

    white radish plush

    Japanese people are known to eat healthy. Traditional Japanese diet involves balanced meals and promotes minimally processed food. No wonder a lot of these food plushies are inspired by fruits and vegetables!

    So here’s another perfect item for vegetable lovers– the Radish Plushie. It comes in four sizes and three styles: the original radish, the shy radish, and the cheerful radish and the Mischievous radish. How adorable!
    With those small arms and legs, and the cute leaf on top of its head this humanized radish plush looks like it came straight out of a cute Japanese anime or manga series.

    Before we head into our top 3 picks, know that plushie culture keeps growing every day and there are tons of new plushies coming regularly. If you’re looking for a reliable online kawaii shop that sells top-quality items, check out ChubbyPlushie today! From Animal, Food or Giant Plushies we surely have something in store for you!

    Number 3:
    Strawberry Plushie:

    strawberry plush pillow

    These Strawberry Plushies are one of a kind cute room decorations with detailed leafs and seed spots. This adorable strawberry would make the perfect gift for your sweet strawberry lover. Its bright color adds a refreshing light touch to your room.

    Number 2:
    Avocado Plushie:

    avocado plush

    If you or someone you love is in love with Avocados then you are going to fall in love with this cute plushie. Made to be super squishy and adorable, these cute avocados serve perfectly. 
    With their tiny hands, feet and adorable smile, its not hard to see why they became such a fan favorite, ranking number 2 on this list.

    Number 1:
    Boba Tea XL Plushie:

    bubble tea plush

    Known for their squishiness and cuteness they are an all time favorite in the plushie community, coming in multiple flavors such as: Milk Tea, Cream, Kawaii, Strawberry, Green Apple and Pineapple. There is bound to be a Boba you fall in love with.
    Everyone loves them, Boba or bubble tea is taking over the world! So if you are fond of these tapioca pearl-filled drinks or know someone who’s addicted to it, this is the perfect plushie to buy!
    We’d say it's almost impossible not to find these squishy bobas adorable, Yes we need one right now!

    Final Thoughts:

    The kawaii food plushies featured in this article are a different kind of comfort food,  they make the best huggable companions and super cute cuddle buddies! 
    Explore the items at Chubby Plushie and see how your favorite food items are transformed into soft and cuddly stuffed toys.




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