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    TOP 6 Animal Plushies 🐼

    Animals can be absolutely adorable! I mean, who doesn't love their pets? They are cute, funny and perhaps a little derpy. However, to own an living animal we have to accept some heavy responsibilities. We have to feed them, care for them, pay for their medical expenses etc.

    Some animals are hard to have as pets. I mean, who can afford to have a panda at home? But you know what is easy to afford? A panda plushie instead. Enjoy all the cuteness and cuddliness of a real animal with none of the worry.

    Animals are the classical plushie type for good reason. Stuffed animals have been giving joy to children and adults alike for decades and will continue to do so in the future.

    Today we will be taking a look at some of the best animal plushies we have to offer! Whether you are looking to make a purchase or just window shopping, keep reading to see the cutest animal plushies known to man!

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    Number 6: 

    Giant Panda Plush


    If you ask someone to list cute animals from the top of their head, panda is likely to appear at the top the of the list, and for good reason too! They are big, fluffy, nice and just absolutely adorable! The Giant Panda Plush exists to live up to that reputation in plushie form.


    Number 5: 

    Big Curious Crocodile Plush



     As the name implies, the Big Curious Crocodile Plush is an adorable massive plushie for you to play with. He is cute, soft, big and mostly importantly made with Premium PP cotton from high quality plush. This plushie is easy to clean and makes for a great pillow

    Number 4: 

    Sleeping Pig Plush


    Waking up late never felt better! Now, with our Sleeping Pig you will finally never get anything done ever again! Just kidding, it's just that this fat plushie is just so soft and comfortable you will find it hard to let him go!

    Number 3: 

    Angry Shiba Plush

    GRRRR! This Shiba might look very mad at you but he is a softie on the inside

    This plushie is perfect for not only Shiba Inu and dog lovers, but for all pet owners. Give this cutie a hug and you will fall immediately in love.

     Number 2: 

    Toasty Corgi Plush

    👀 Toasty Corgi Plushies looking for adoption! 👀

    Equally as cute as the original, but perhaps only half as derpy, the Toasty Corgi Plush has joined the fray! ⚔️ He is battling for your love and affection, a chance for you to bring him home!


     Number 1: 

    Kawaii Cat Body Pillow


    These mega squishy Kawaii Cat Body Pillow are super soft, super cute and make for the perfect cuddle buddy.

    This body pillow is made to be irresistibly soft and squishy. Perfectly made to sleep and snuggle with.

    Final Thoughts:

    The plushies featured in this article are the best animal plushies there are to be found, and they are all available here on Chubby PlushieExplore the items to see if any peak your interest and remember that we have many more collections and plushies for you to explore.



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