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    TOP 5 Giant Plushies 😲

     Sometimes you just want to hold a plushie. And sometimes you just want to hold the biggest plushie around. There is something inexplicable satisfying about hugging a plushie even bigger than you.

    Just imagine the feeling of sinking into the plush from head to toe. Just the thought of it feels amazing right? Well it doesn't have to be just a thought!

    Today we present a list of the top 5 best giant plushies we have available. This one is literally to big to miss!

    Remember there is a special Bonus Discount at the end, so make sure to read all the way till the end!

    Number 5: 

    Giant Elephant Plush


    Looking like it just came out of a fairy tale, the Giant Elephant Plush is here to make your every dream come true! From small to massive, the Giant Elephant Plush comes in many sizes. The biggest one really lives to the giant status. Let this massive plush animal take to you to the dream land.

    Number 4:  

    Giant Kawaii Whale Soft Pillow Plush


    This year's whale migration is a little different from usual for the Cute Whale Body Pillow Plush. After getting tired of swimming from ocean to ocean, it has decided to stop by your house for hugs and kisses 😘 Will you let it in?

    This plushies isn't just whale shaped, it is whale sized too! Not only that, they come in many different colors too so pick the one you like best

    Number 3: 

    Triple Banana Pillow Plush

    Not one, not two, but three! That's how many bananas the Triple Banana Pillow Plush gets you at once. Each with a different facial expression, but all happy to see you, this plush is the ultimate cushion and body pillow!

    Number 2: 

    Massive Grumpy Crocodile


    Careful, you have entered the Grumpy Crocodile's territory! But don't be too scared, he might look grumpy, but he is a softie on the inside. 

    The "massive" in Massive Grumpy Crocodile is no exaggeration. The Grumpy Crocodile's biggest variant comes in at almost 2 meters long. 😮 And in multiple colors too!

    Number 1: 

    Queen Oink

    Please bow, for your Royal Highness, Queen Oink!

    Queen Oink was a regular Pig from a village until she moved to the city and married a handsome prince, or so she says... we think she might have had a little help from fairy Pigmother.

    Bonus Entry: 

    Peepee Pillow Plush


    Now, some may say size isn't all, but here you can pick whatever size you prefer. Choose which size and color you want to embrace. 😉

    Looking for a sizable Peepee? Well look no further! Whether you want to embrace it during the day or cuddle with it a night, the Peepee Pillow Plush is a delight to hold



    Final Thoughts:

    The plushies featured in this article are the biggest plushies there are to be found, and they are all available here on Chubby PlushieExplore the items to see if any peak your interest and remember that we have many more collections and plushies for you to explore.



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