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    TOP 10 Reversible Plushies 🔄

    What If I told you you can get two plushies in one? And I don't just mean two for the price of one, simply two plushies that are the same. Well, that's precisely what reversible plushies are.

    A plushie on one side, than switch it upside down and boom another plushie! Show your mood without saying a word! Change your plushies expression or color in a heartbeat!

    Today's article is about 10 different plushies (20 if you count their reversed form) that can change shape alongside your mood!

    Remember there is a special Bonus Discount at the end, so make sure to read all the way till the end! 

    Number 10: 

    Pink / Purple Reversible Unicorn


    Number 9: 

    Black / White Reversible Sea Lion


    Number 8: 

    Green / Pink Reversible Frog


    Number 7: 

    Black / White Reversible Panda

    Number 6: 

    Brown / Grey Reversible Sloth


    Number 5: 

    White / Grey Reversible Bunny


    Number 4: 

    Black / Blue Reversible Penguin


    Number 3: 

    Black/White Reversible Plushie


    Number 2: 

    Orange Reversible Corgi


    Number 1: 

    Reversible Boba Tea



    Final Thoughts:

    Reversible plushies are a unique type of plushies in the Chubby Plushie family. Browse through our collection to see what more we have to offer.



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