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    How to wash stuffed animals 💎


    Well, you’ll agree with me when I say that washing a Stuffed Animal is a hard job, as rough washing may cause it to lose its original shape and color. 

    It’s a question that everybody is looking for an answer. How to wash a Stuffed Animal Toy? or How to clean a stuffed animal that can’t be washed?
    In this article, we will provide you a very convincing and effective way in which you can wash your Stuffed Animal while maintaining it’s cuteness, shape and fluffiness

    Is there any way in which you can wash your cute plushies?

    The answer is “Yes
    We will provide you step-by-step instructions that you can easily follow along at home.
    There are two major Stuffed Animals Washing Techniques:
    • Hand Wash Plush
    • Machine Wash Plush
    How to Wash Stuffed Animals By Hand?
    • Step 1: Find a large recipient where you can wash it easily.
    • Step 2: Soak it in some water and detergent.
    • Step 3: Wash it thoroughly
    • Step 4: Rinse it gently and gently massage
    • Step 5: Dry it with a hairdryer.
    Before starting this method I recommend you find a good place where you can stand, or preferably sit, while you wash your stuffed animal. This is so you don't get tired of rubbing as it will take some time and effort to clean the plushie, which can be hectic for a newbie. Remember to rub gently in order not to harm your stuffed animal.
    However, if you love your stuffed animal, then trust us, this washing time is going to be worth it! Nothing beats the joy of holding your squeaky clean, freshly washed plush.
    Nobody loves a stinky or stained Stuffed Animal but a nice and clean one can be so much more comforting and loving.
    Let's look at each step in more detail!

    ✨ How to hand wash Stuffed Animal?

    (If you are a visual learner the video below will help a lot):

    ✨1: Find a precise location where you can wash it easily.

    The sink is ideal for hand-washing, however, a bidet, the bathroom, or a laundry bucket also are fine. Look for a space big enough for you to soak your Stuffed Animal properly in water, with enough space for you to be able to put your hands in there while not creating a large mess, splashing water around.

    Just beware it's easy to get wet and splash your clothes, so you can to choose to wear a plastic coverall or an apron along with gloves to keep yourself dry and tidy.


    ✨2: Soak it in some water and detergent

    Put some lukewarm water in the sink or bathtub along with detergent and a mild cleanser if needed. As it will gonna help you in the rinsing part of washing so that you can remove any permanent looking stains from your plush.

    ✨3: Wash it thoroughly

    At this stage you already soaked your stuffed animal in warm water and now it is completely wet and ready for washing. Try to rub it gently, starting from the most stained or dirty parts. In-case there is any strong stains that refuse to go away, you can put some extra mild detergent over there and rub it gently in the rounded form so that the fur won’t get worn out. While maintaining the plushie's original shape, continue to wash it until it starts to look clean.

    ✨4: Rinse it gently and gently massage

    Here is the time when the stuffed animal is washed completely and ready to be get rinsed. Rinse it a few times until the water is clean. Softly rub the plushie to clean any leftover dirt. Now, here is a special technique we use! Put the Stuffed Animal inside a pillow cover and squish it until it loses all its water. Doing it this way prevents it from loosing any fur, keeping your stuffed animal fluffy for longer. 

    ✨5: Dry it with a hairdryer

    Last but not the least, you need to dry your stuffed animal in such a way that it doesn’t lose its grace. Try your hair-dryer. Trust us, it will help a lot it to plump it up if your stuffed animal has fur. Now place it into a dry towel and roll it up, squeezing slightly to remove any remaining water. Then let the stuffed animal on the towel to finish drying. You can finish it off with help from a  dryer, to fluff the fibers. It will help you out to make it look better as the new one. Congratulations, your stuffed animal, is now as good as new!
    How to wash plushies chubby plushie

    ✨ How to wash Stuffed Animal in an Auto-Washing-Machine?

    Most stuffed animals will safely take a spin in the washing Machine within the washer. Just keep in mind there is always a small chance of danger depending on what you wash it, so if you want to keep chances to a minimum Handwashing being the safest option of the two.

    With that in mind, machine laundry is easier and a good option for many people trying to keep their stuffed animals clean. Here are some good practices:

    • Try to use a soft spinning option if it is available in your automatic-machine.
    • Try to wash your favorite stuffed animal in mildly cold or full cold water using a mild surf or cleanser.
    • If disinfecting is a concern, use hot water instead or considering using a product like laundry sanitizer, that is safe on colors, in contrast to chlorine bleach.
    • We highly recommend putting the stuffed Stuffed Animal into launderable mesh baggage (if size and shape allow it) as it can help to guard its components.
    • Air-drying is the alternative, and a hairdryer (use at low or medium heat) will facilitate to plump up the fur once the stuffed animal has reached the just damp stage.
    • Machine drying is additionally fine, and it’ll be best to use the low-heat setting but just-in-case I will recommend you dry it using a low heat hairdryer.

    We hope you have found our article useful an interesting and keep checking our blog for bi-monthly updates! 


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