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    How plushies can help your child develop emotionally! 🐣

    ✨Learn to Self-Soothe

    Beyond looking cute, stuffed animals are important in helping young children cope with anxiety and stress. This is because when babies and toddlers are separated from a parent or caregiver, they often feel anxiety from the separation.

    How can a stuffed animal toy help? Stuffed animals teach infants how to self-soothe.

    It can often be hard in a child’s first year to learn how to cope with negative emotions. But when they learn to reach for their favorite stuffed animal, they can develop an essential emotional skill that carries on into adulthood.




    Feeding their imagination

    Regardless if you are telling them a bedtime story from a book or making up your own, these plushies will enable your child to use their imagination and visualize the story in a way that can project their feelings, by making their personal plushies speak and role play. This instantly creates a strong bond between your child and their new Chubby Plushie. It will become an amazing bestfriend that will never leave their side day or night. Which always helps when you worry about them feeling neglected when you are busy or working.


    ✨ Project their feelings and communication

    Children who own a plushie from a young age are encouraged to reflect their emotions through the way they speak and treat their plushie friends. You may not know this but these soft snuggly toys will teach them about sympathy, bonding and affection.

    The toys will let your child learn how to communicate with others confidently as they have an easier time communicating with the plushies and because kids know that a plush puppy or a princess doll represents a living thing, they can relate and attach emotions to it. Playing with these ‘friends’ allows kids to explore their complex feelings


    ✨ Find comfort and love

    These soft plushies are proven for decades to give your child emotional comfort and support. As soon as they hug them they feel support and closure. We have all witnessed a sad baby cheer up as soon as they are given their favorite toy. Make sure your child as at least one to make their life full of smiles and joy, simply because these stuffed plushies will help them cope with all these new feelings as long as they have their best buddies by their side to talk to and to go trough these emotions with.


    girl holding husky plush

    ✨Encourage language development

    Helping your child take part in playful activities with their stuffed animals will increasingly help with their early language development.

    When children play and “socialize” with their stuffed animals they are encouraged to talk to their stuffed friends, as the language skills develop children will play pretend and role play from what they have seen and their own experience. These skills will teach them how to interact in the future with other people, both emotionally and verbally.


    Day by day the small mumbles will turn into words and soon in sentences. All the while your child will learn to understand better their emotions and have fun during the process. 🌼

    Chubby Plushie is a child friendly plushie brand, so you can pick your child favorite stuffed toy to help your child develop better social and emotional skills.



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