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    Buying Plushies Online: A How-To Guide 📝

    👧 Know Who You're Buying For

    Whether you're shopping for your child, a friend or yourself, it's helpful to know their age, gender and toy preferences in order to buy the best toy possible.


    💸 Establish Your Budget

    Once you start shopping it's easy to just keep loading up your online cart with gifts. Know in advance how much you want to spend. And don't forget about taxes and shipping charges. Some sites like Chubby Plushie offer free shipping and cover charges on every order. Many plushies can be purchased at multiple places online, so be sure to check out different sites for the best deal possible.


    🥑 Know What You Want To Buy             

    Having an idea of what plushies you're looking for before you even go online can speed up the browsing process. If you're looking for ideas or the latest trends in plushies, you can use your search engine to look for the best kawaii plush or the Best Food Plushies. Many plushie websites also break plushies down by gender, age, theme and category to make shopping easier. Need some plushie ideas for gifts? Here are some plushies that are both cute and fun.

    ⭐ Read The Reviews

    Once you've narrowed down the plushies you're considering purchasing, read the reviews and customer comments for each of them. Sometimes buyers post pictures or hints about the size, shipping times or squishiness. Reading these comments will help you make the most informed choice. Here is some of our reviews:



    👀 Check For Deals

    Keep an eye open for discount coupons listed on the seller's website or elsewhere online. In addition, some online retailers will offer special deals and promotions if you sign up for their email alerts or if you message them on social media asking. You may be able to get an extra 10-30% off your purchase just by signing up, and you can always unsubscribe later if you don't want to receive any more emails.

    📚  Shop Smart

    Keep in mind that during the holidays, online scammers are out in full-force. Shop wisely and stick with verifiable and reputable online retailers, avoid falling for prices that seem too good to be true, or brands with no customer service or social media, and be wary about shopping at new websites that don't sound familiar.

    ✈️ Learn About Shipping and Return Policy

    Take a few minutes to completely review your order before you purchase. Is the billing and shipping address correct? Is the contact information accurate? How long will it take to arrive? Also be sure to check out the online plushie store's return policy before you buy, especially if you are purchasing plushies as gifts.




    Shopping online can be exciting, especially if you find great deals on the cutest plushies of the season. With just a little bit of planning and research, you'll be well on your way to making the best purchase possible. Be sure to shop our selection of cute Animal plushies, Food plushies and Giant Plushies. Our selection is ever changing so you'll always find something new.

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