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    Best Christmas Plushies Gifts 🎅

    Now you might think it is a bit too soon, but Christmas is just around the corner! Remember that any gift you buy online, be it for yourself or others, takes some time to arrive so its better to buy them sooner rather than later. Delays are also common around Christmas time, so now is the best time to get those Christmas gifts and be sure they reach on time.

    With that in mind, and as we are just about to hit December, we present you with the Best Christmas Plushies ideas to get for yourself or for your family and friends.

    Remember there is a special Bonus Discount at the end, so make sure to read all the way till the end!

    Boba Tea Plush XL

    Everyone Loves them! How could you ever resist their sugary taste.

    Coming in a TON of different flavors and cup sizes, You will never get enough of these delicious Bobas.

     Whether you are a Boba tea fan, or you want to give one as a gift for a Boba tea fanatic, we have the right plushie for you. You can't help but to keep squeezing them because they're just so cute!  


    Toasty Corgi Plush

    👀 Toasty Corgi Plushies looking for adoption! 👀

    Equally as cute as the original, but perhaps only half as derpy, the Toasty Corgi Plush has joined the fray! ⚔️ He is battling for your love and affection, a chance for you to bring him home!

    Tiny Peepee Plush

    Please note: this is not an accurate to scale version of a human penis. Thank god.


    Fruity Boba Tea Plush

    Looking for another flavor for you Boba Tea Plush? How about trying the fruit flavors instead? 

    The same design as before but in a different style! make sure to take a look to see which version you like best.

    Angry Shiba Plush


    GRRRR! This Shiba might look very mad at you but he is a softie on the inside

    This plushie is perfect for not only Shiba Inu and dog lovers, but for all pet owners. Give this cutie a hug and you will fall immediately in love.

    Sitting Dinosaur

    Our Dinosaur Chubby Plushie is soft and cute. It's made with extra soft cotton and is super cuddly. Whether you're using it in your office as a decoration piece or cuddling up with it to watch movies at home, this plushie has a big personality and plenty of charm.

    Each plushie is made from extra soft cotton and polyester fabrics that are perfect for snuggling, the extra soft fabric also makes it so very squishy.

    Cream Boba Tea Plush

    Still not tired of Boba Tea? How about adding some cream on top for extra flavor? Let me tell you it gets even sweeter and cuter than before.


    Final Thoughts:

    The plushies featured in this article are the some of the best Christmas Plushies ideas out there, and they are all available here on Chubby PlushieExplore the items to see if any peak your interest and remember that we have many more collections and plushies for you to explore.



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