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    🐕 Top 7 Pet Plushies 🐱

    Have you ever met someone who doesn't love their pets? Me neither! A pet is a boundless fountain of joy of love, simply to cute to ignore. And pet plushies are equally as adorable as the real thing, although they clearly make less trouble!

    Today's article is in tribute to all pets around the world, as we will be taking a look at the Top 7 Best Pet Plushies available in Chubby Plushie!

    Whether you are a dog or a cat person, there is surely an ideal pet plushie waiting for you on this list!

    Remember there is a special Bonus Discount at the end, so make sure to read all the way till the end!

    Number 7: 

    Japanese Cat Plush



    Bring some of that rural Japan feeling home with a Japanese Cat Plush. Inspired by a Japanese style, this cats are just like the ones you'd see in Tokyo streets. 


    Number 6: 

    Boba Tea Shiba Plush


    Currently addicted to Boba Tea? You are not the only one... This Boba Tea Shiba Plush loves it too. Look at it! This adorable fellow just can't get enough of it. Why don't you keep it company, next time you grab yourself a Boba Tea.


    Number 5: 

    Long Kawaii Cat


    Lets face it, they are adorable and they know it! The Long Kawaii Cat is going to be the best body pillow you ever owned. Have you ever seen a cat this long?

    Number 4: 

    Angry Shiba Plush

    GRRRR! This Shiba might look very mad at you but he is a softie on the inside

    This plushie is perfect for not only Shiba Inu and dog lovers, but for all pet owners. Give this cutie a hug and you will fall immediately in love.

    Number 3: 

    Milk Cat Plush

    With a smooth, milky white look, the kawaii Milk Cat Plush is an absolute joy of a plushie. Accept the companionship of the most adorable of white cat out there.

     Number 2: 

    Toasty Corgi Plush

    👀 Toasty Corgi Plushies looking for adoption! 👀

    Equally as cute as the original, but perhaps only half as derpy, the Toasty Corgi Plush has joined the fray! ⚔️ He is battling for your love and affection, a chance for you to bring him home!


     Number 1: 

    Kawaii Cat Body Pillow


    These mega squishy Kawaii Cat Body Pillow are super soft, super cute and make for the perfect cuddle buddy.

    This body pillow is made to be irresistibly soft and squishy. Perfectly made to sleep and snuggle with.

    Final Thoughts:

    The plushies featured in this article are the best pet plushies there are to be found, and they are all available here on Chubby PlushieExplore the items to see if any peak your interest and remember that we have many more collections and plushies for you to explore.



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